Road safety Campaign


The Resettlement and Social Development unit, in cooperation with ESM’s Community Liaison, HSE Department and the Contract Management Department, organized the second road safety awareness campaign in Gostime High School on the 31st of March. The aim was to raise student awareness of the risks of accidents and how to adopt safe behaviour as pedestrians.

Gostime School located close to Cerrik-Gramsh national road has experienced an increase in traffic due to construction works.  Close to 380 students walk to school every day. They are exposed to accidents due to the increased traffic and poor road conditions. 74 high school students of ages 15 -18 years participated in the activity composed of 3 main sessions: awareness, information on Devoll Hydropower, and a tour to Banje Construction Site.

During their visit to Banja construction site the students were accompanied by our contract manager, whom explained the construction activities in the Banja HPP. In order to respect HSE regulation, students stayed inside the bus at all times (accompanied by an HSE officer). They were able to observe the works and understand the Banja HPP construction process as well as how the Banja HPP would operate once construction is completed. In line with the DHP mission to consider safety of its employees and affected community as a paramount, this awareness campaign helped students (and through them their families) understand fundamental road safety guidelines.

Students asked questions during the presentations and Banja HPP visit with topics varying from road safety rules to the construction and operation of hydropower plants. The activity is also a good example of interdepartmental collaboration, with the hope to be replicated in other schools of the Banja HPP impacted area and in other possible ESM community activities.


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