Invitation for expression of interest/prequalification


“Afforestation – Banje HPP area”


Devoll Hydropower Sh.A. (DHP) is an Albanian company ultimately owned by the Norwegian company Statkraft AS. DHP operates with its headquarters in Tirana and local offices in the project area and a Public Information Centre in Gramsh.

The Albanian government, through an open international tender, awarded to DHP a BOOT (Build, Own, Operate and Transfer) concession. The scope of this concession agreement and it’s amendments is to develop hydroelectric power plants in the valley of the Devoll River, located in the southeast part of Albania.

The Project is located along the Devoll River, approximately 100 km south-south-east of Tirana. By the concession agreement DHP has earned the right to harness the hydrological potential of the Devoll River between 95 m and 650 m above sea level, between Banja and Moglice.


Devoll Hydropower Sh.A. hereby invites companies to submit an expression of interests to  prequalify for the following scope of works:


“Afforestation works required for the Banje HPP area”


  • Section 1:

      equivalent to 48.6 ha of afforestation and maintenance of standard forest species

  • Section 2:

       equivalent to 48.7 ha of afforestation and maintenance of standard forest species

  • Section 3:

       equivalent to 54.1 ha of afforestation and maintenance of standard forest species

  • Section 4:

       equivalent to 52.7 ha of afforestation and maintenance of standard forest species

  • Section 5:

    equivalent to 51.19 ha of fruit type trees and medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs)



A general overview of the area can be seen in the map below:


Prequalified companies are to be invited to give an offer for the Tender.


Criteria for qualification process


  • Average annual turnover over (defined as billing for works in progress and completed) over the last 3 years of annual app. Euro 150,000 (one hundred fifty) thousand.
  • Successful Experience of similar afforestation projects, in the last 5 years. The background of the company in similar activities such as erosion control, forest treatment etc. will be considered favourably in the evaluation.
  • Demonstrate availability of modern and suitable equipment, machineries
  • Demonstrate availability of sufficient and qualified human resources
  • Demonstrated Financial strengths
  • Integrity / corporate responsibility.


Interested companies must submit to the DHP below listed documents:


Company Name,

Address, Telephone/Fax Numbers,

Contact name, telephone number and E-mail Address


a)     Company profile,
  • Reference list of similar afforestation projects, including associated activities as indicated above.
  • Company organisation chart and organization chart for this project,
  • Overview of key personnel and proposed key personnel for this project,
  • Company Quality certificates
  • Capacities of equipment and machineries
  • QA system


b)    Documents regarding legal status of the company, such as:
  • Copy of Tax registration ID
  • Document issued by the National Registration Center (QKR) – the company is registered as private entity
  • Document issued by the National License Center (QKL) – the company is licensed for the implementation activities in forestry (afforestation)
  • A document that proves that the company is not in a process of bankruptcy
  • A document that proves that the company is not convicted of any criminal offences
  • A document that proves that the company has not been subject to any final court decisions related with its professional activity.
  • Financial Statements from 2012 – 2014
  • Statement of the turnover for the last 3 years
  • Clearance Attestation from the tax authorities,
  • Clearance Attestation from district court,
  • Clearance Attestation from prosecutor.



The prequalification documents must be duly completed and delivered by email to the address below, within

22nd of June 2015, 12:00 hrs.

The subject heading of your e-mail must read “Expression of Interest for Prequalification – Afforestation works required for the Banje HPP area”



Comments and questionscan be submitted in written via email to the contact below.


DHP Company address and contact details:

Devoll Hydropower Sh.A.

ABA Business Centre, Office No. 1204

Papa Gjon Pali II Street, Tirana

Phone: +355 (0) 4 450 1 450