About us


Devoll Hydropower Sh.A. (DHP) is an Albanian registered company, owned and operated by the Norwegian power company Statkraft AS. In line with a Concession Agreement signed and approved by the Albanian Parliament in 2009, Devoll Hydropower will develop, construct and operate hydropower plants in cascade along the Devoll River, in southeast Albania. The total installed capacity of this project will be approx. 280 MW, when completed in 2019.
DHP has its offices in Tirana Gramsh and Banjë, and also operates a Public Information Centre in Gramsh, Banjë and Nikollarë. Devoll Hydropower is a company reflecting the Albanian culture and values with a talented team of men and women dedicated to making this project a success in the Albanian energy sector.
This project sets an important landmark, attracting foreign investments in the Albanian energy sector and improving the security and stability of the country’s power system.