Grievance redress mechanism


DHP has established a Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM). This is  to ensure that anyone with a complaint or concern about the DHP      Project activities can tell us and get feedback from us on how the  company will address this concern or issue. The procedure applies  to past and present project activities.
This mechanism is established recognizing the importance of  transparency and accountability. The concerns and complaints of  project-affected people and other stakeholders can be freely made  and will be addressed in a manner that is fair, transparent, objective and constructive.
DHP will review all grievances that are submitted. If DHP finds that a grievance is not related to DHP activities or if the Project is in compliance with the Albanian and International Standards that DHP is committed to, we will explain this to you in writing. If DHP finds that the subject of the grievance is a result of DHP activities and does not comply with DHP’s Environmental and Social commitments, we will investigate the issue and contact you to suggest and agree on an appropriate resolution.
DHP will handle your grievance as confidential.
Reporting a Grievance
You can report a grievance to us by:
  • Visiting our Public Information Offices in Gramsh, Banjë and Nikollarë and filling out a Grievance Form
  • Send a letter to our offices
  • Contact DHP in person, through email or on the phone
Feedback will be provided to you.
For more information click here to download the GRM Leaflet