Resettlement and Social Development

The implementation of the Devoll Hydropower Project will affect land and other assets in the project area. The Concession Agreement for the Devoll Hydropower Project assigns the legal responsibility for resettlement, meaning ownership takeover and compensation of the private owned assets affected by the project to the Government of Albania (GoA).

Hydropower Sh.A. (DHP), with respect to its owner’s commitment to adhere to IFC principles, shall also provide an additional support to the Project Affected Households (PAHs) in the project area through the DHP Resettlement & Social Development programs.

DHP Resettlement Program

The Resettlement Program developed for the Devoll Hydropower Project includes:
a)     Physical relocation and compensation for used permanent structures on the affected land
b)    Economic rehabilitation of displaced households through support towards re-establishing lost production from land loss, to improve (or at least restore) income and standard of living
While there is no legal responsibility towards DHP to carry out these activities, it is the DHP commitment to assist the affected households who are interested in continuing their income generating activities in the project area.
This program covers impacts on project construction land areas used for the main civil works, contractor camps as well as the entire reservoir area.
The mitigation measures are identified and implemented in close cooperation with respective stakeholders. The DHP Resettlement Program is a participatory program, whereby the PAHs shall be consulted and engaged in the planning and decision making related to the provision of support they are eligible for from DHP. This is a voluntary process and only the PAHs that are eligible and willing to participate in this program shall be considered for assistance.

DHP Resettlement Program steps
  1. Identification of the PAHs and impacts
    1. Socio economic inventory
  2. Consultation with the affected stakeholders to reach a common agreement for the support to be provided by DHP
    1. Commune Consultations
    2. Community/Village Consultations
    3. Household Individual Consultations
  3. Implementation of agreed support through the Livelihood Support and Development (LSD) & Replacement Household Infrastructure (RHI)
    1. Community solutions
    2. Individual Household support
  4. Technical assistance and Monitoring
    1. Technical support for the packages delivered
    2. Monitoring
Livelihood Support and Development (LSD)

LSD aims to support incomes and living standards of current users of the land (irrespective of formal land tenure) who have their livelihoods impacted based on the information gathered during the socio-economic inventory.

It is important to note that the supplementary support provided through the LSD program will be provided through IN-KIND support towards income generating activities (agriculture, livestock, business and other) and NOT THROUGH CASH compensation. All households with significant land loss as determined by the Socio Economic Baseline shall be treated in the same manner with the provision of packages tailored to their capacities, needs, interests and actual losses.

Replacement Household Infrastructure (RHI)

DHP shall support the PAHs that own or use residential and other structures. The residential structures shall be compensated based on a replacement of the affected residence.

The other used permanent structures (animal shelters, garage, and used buildings) shall be compensated based on a fixed value per square meter.

DHP Social Development Program

The DHP Social Development program is composed of mitigation activities and other complimentary interventions to support the local affected communities. Its aim is to minimize both resettlement as well as environmental impacts from the project through a wide range of activities targeted towards public institutions and project affected communities as a whole.

This program shall be composed of several components such as:

  • Infrastructure Development
  • Health
  • Education

This program shall be implemented in close cooperation with the respective stakeholders affected by these activities.

More details on the Resettlement and Social Development program can be found on the DHP Environment and Social Management Plan or at the DHP Public Information Offices located in Gramsh, Banjë and Nikollarë. Click here to download the Environment and Social Management Plan