DHP received approval for technical idea from NCLD

CI_1_Technical13.08.2012 – In June 2012 DHP has received the approval for the technical idea for the Banjë, Kokël and Moglicë dams by the National Committee of Large Dams. The approval is an important input to the Infrastructure Permit/ Construction Permit, the main permit for the start of the construction of the DHP project. 

Banjë HPP will be the first step in the development sequence for the Devoll Hydropower Project. It will use the existing cofferdam structure which will be raised to 175 m above sea level. The dam will be constructed as an embankment dam with an impervious clay core with an approx. height of 80 m. 

Kokël HPP is located in the narrow gorge in the middle of Devoll Valley. It is the second and the smallest power plant of the Devoll Hydropower Project. Kokël Dam comprises of an approx. 50 m high combined concrete and rockfill dam with a fixed crest spillway. 

Moglicë HPP is the upper and largest power plant of the DHP project. It utilizes a head of 300 m between 650 and 350 m above sea level. The 150 m dam is an asphalt-core rock-filled structure and will be the highest of its kind in the world.